John & Yoko, on the phone (perhaps with Howard) from their Montreal Bed-In. 

John & Yoko, on the phone (perhaps with Howard) from their Montreal Bed-In. 

The Podcast- Episode 3: John & Yoko's Bed-In

45 years ago this week, John & Yoko held their Bed-In in Montreal to promote Peace. Knowing that they  were magnets for the press, the newlyweds idea was to exploit their fame for a good cause. They held court for a week in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, being interviewed by scores of journalists for 12 hours a day, all the while laying in bed. Howard spoke to them twice that week on the phone from NYC.

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The Podcast- Episode 2: George Harrison

44 years ago to the day, George Harrison sat down with Howard Smith for an interview in NYC. Harrison was only in town for a week, but took the time to have this incredible conversation about the Beatles' break-up (just 2 weeks earlier), being held back by Paul, his own songwriting and plans for his upcoming solo album. That album, "All Things Must Pass," will turn out to be hugely successful, holding no. 1 on the charts for 7 weeks.

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The Podcast- Episode 1

Lou Reed

This month celebrates what would have been Lou Reed's 72nd birthday. It also marks the 45th anniversary of his interview with Howard Smith (March 26, 1969). It was a rare interview to say the least, finding Reed upon the release of the Velvet Underground's incredible 3rd album (The Velvet Underground)  and in the midst of a sobriety kick.
In the podcast we also hear from Howard Smith himself, who talks about his experiences with Reed at the time.


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